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An amateur gambler plays with luck a professional one plays against a casino. While it’s no secret that most casinos have the odds stacked against a player. Is there any chance at all for the fair game? Today we will discuss how blockchain technology in gambling is used in the casino industry. The popular projects and share some advice on how to avoid fraud let’s go

Industry is perceived ambiguously some don’t believe in the future of this technology others value

  • Anonymity
  • Financial independence and
  • Fixed Commission’s of cryptocurrency systems

There ain’t any secret that gambling brings huge revenues to the organizers. As found is research that top countries in gambling are the

  1. United States
  2. China and
  3. Japan

Role of Blockchain

There are certain impacts of cryptocurrency on the gambling industry and one is in the form of Blockchain. Blockchain integration into gambling is usually divided into two types for betting and for gambling. This separation lies in the deep differences between the principles of operation in a classic casino.

casino industry

Now we put on our protective gear to dig into how online casinos cheat and how blockchain in casino industry can protect against certain problems. In the long run, the casino will win more than losing, but players still have a chance to hit the big jackpot.  This is not quite a scam but still a trick that does not work in the player’s favor. In addition, regular online casinos like to hide their winnings, data game results, and payouts. Blockchain integration makes viewing all transactions absolutely accessible and transparent. There are even more fraud options in online casinos and punishing scammers is much more difficult. Two schemes work here; it is impossible to win, or you cannot.

Thanks to the blockchain it became possible to conduct millions of transactions between online sites and players. This means eliminating intermediaries like banks and also solves the problems of payment.