Most common network admin tools


Every Sysadmin has their own set of tools that they keep in their toolbox and by tools I’m really meaning software that I keep on my computer or at least on a USB Drive. Every Sysadmin has their own list. I want to give you my list of most common network admin tools. Through this article, I want to introduce you to maybe a couple of tools that you may not have heard of before. But I find it very beneficial in my day-to-day job so we’re gonna do it. There’s gonna be a countdown. these are going to be in the order of how I like these tools and probably how much I actually use most of these tools. So, let’s start:


if you’ve never heard of Rufus Rufus is a piece of software free to download and utilities for network administrators. It is for creating bootable USB drives. You basically can take any ISO you want that is bootable and you can write it with Rufus to a USB Drive.

Now the cool thing about Rufus and this is where I really like it is as operating systems have changed, as biases have changed and hardware has changed, we’ve gone over now to the EFI v/s the old bios systems and Rufus will work with both of them. Rufus will actually work with either a bios computer or an efi computer in terms of creating the bootable USB drive. I really love it for Linux and it is my big favorite. it works with pretty much any ISO you download.

Process Monitor ( ProcMon)

Now ProcMon is one of the system administrators tools that is created by Microsoft.  Again completely free and you can download it from Microsoft’s website. It shows real-time file system registry process and thread information. It is really cool if you’re trying to determine what a specific application is doing on a computer. you can see every time that application accesses the registry, accesses a file, or creates some other process, or thread. When the vendor gives you an application and says oh yeah, that that application needs to be a local administrator on the computer you can take this part and be like no it really just needs access to the registry key and file system and that’s it which is great. So, it can really also help with security along with troubleshooting.

system administrators tools

RSA tools

Now the RSA set tools are again made by Microsoft and they’re specifically made for managing different Microsoft software. so, we’ve got the hyper-v management part of the tools. These are great tools because you can use them to completely do anything you want. With your Active Directory environment, you can create new domains, you can set up child domains, and much more.