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Fri 14 November 2014

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>Superman is this type of worthless superhero! He...

Anonymous 11/13/14(Thu)19:46:37 No. 50537367 >Superman is this type of pointless superhero! He's much too potent and monotonous as a result of his strength!

Honestly i think TWD experienced a massive damage with Lizzie Samuels...

Because she died the present has lowered substantially in quality Clearly a fresh persona is required to change the pit she put aside, but who? If this bond is removed, I apologize beforehand,it's beyond my control even though this bond pauses no-rules our courageous leaders will likely still throw inside the rubbish it.

which movie demise you'd like to die?

Movie Roulette 11/13/14(Thu)19:46:55 No. 50537372 File: deerhunter.jpg (81 KB, 800x357) Flick Roulette Private 11/13/14(Thu)19:46:55 No. 50537372 How Exactly To perform: 1 Post the label of the picture (it can be excellent or terrible) 2 Refresh the site and discover the initial article below yours having a movie name in-it 3 Observe that video anytime in the next 48-hr Regulations: 1 must-watch picture within the next 48 hr 2 No rerolls unless you've already observed the picture

How did Leon Kowalski understand that Deckard can be a replicant?

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