The Sunday Reports

Mon 29 September 2014

Sundays are for coping with the previous day’s activities. Could amp, M &;Ms alone replenish a weak human anatomy? The more and more fantastic Electron Dancing spins its awareness of the first open world Escape from Targ. Used to do not recognize or had neglected this game endured, which makes like tripping right into a parallel dimension reading about this.

Have You Played… Dungeon Keeper?

Have You Ever Enjoyed? Can be an endless supply of recreation tips. One aday, every day of the year, perhaps forever. Yes, naturally you've.

Have You Played… Star Wars: Republic Commando?

This week, John’s meeting with speech actor Jennifer Hale. July 27, 2011 this article was formerly printed. Hale has appeared in a lot of more activities than you probably appreciate.

Jennifer Hale Meeting: From Metal Gear To Mass Effect

Have You Performed? Can be an endless stream of game guidelines. One per day, every day for all time of the year, probably. Even as we enter a period of Star Wars in which everyone concerned tries very hard to imagine those leaden prequel films never happened, it’s worth remembering that not from that schedule was a problem. Squad-based shooter Republic Commando picked anything with heroism and heart from the wreckage.

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