'adults' Zoe Saldana: "i Recently Required Adolescent Children To Discover Me Attractive"'guardians' Zoe Saldana: "i Recently Wished Teenage Guys To Seek Out Me Attractive"

Thu 14 August 2014

In the film, she didn't seem incredibly strong, didn't have the humor like the rest of the cast did, and seemed 'thrown-in' as the one female character for the sake of it, versus actually holding her ground in the film. I understand they need to sexualize females somewhat so to get more males to see the movie, but to just disregard so many important 'classic' physical traits annoys any fans of the original comics, and the character looks less alien, and more human (with some basic green body paint) with the lack of details that were so true to Gamora in the comics. http://www.reddit.com/r/movies/comments/2dhs80/guardians_zoe_saldana_i_just_wanted_teenage_boys/

In Celebration of Robin Williams life post your favorite moment from his career or story about his life here.

by SomeCalcium [ M ] - stickied post We're all deeply saddened by this news. As opposed to simply removing all images and stories from the new queue, we'd like to give you guys a chance to talk about Robin Williams and how his career might have touched your lives. Keep it civil, guys. I highly suggest listening to Marc Maron's interview with Williams. I just happened to listen to it last night. He really was an amazing man. http://www.reddit.com/r/movies/comments/2da9dh/in_celebration_of_robin_williams_life_post_your/

Shit just got real - Martin Lawrence Announces Bad Boys 3Shit just got real - Martin Lawrence Announces Bad Boys 3

Martin probably gets paid $5 million per movie plus points. Plus the TV show Martin is still in syndication, almost twenty years off going off the air. Easy to see why Martin has plenty of money. http://www.reddit.com/r/movies/comments/2di54a/shit_just_got_real_martin_lawrence_announces_bad/

SeaWorld finally admits "Blackfish" film has really hurt their profits.SeaWorld finally admits "Blackfish" film has really hurt their profits.

And that's the problem with film making - you only get 2 years to create a film that the fans are highly anticipating, yet the fans get to analyze and study it for an infinite amount of time. The story was amazing (Sans Miranda Tate's final three scenes...) yet the little things that made the first two so great we're missing. There was more computer animation in place of what would have been real destruction in the previous movies. (Bridge blow scene with JGL jumping back to imitate the explosives pushing him). There were too many elements to control surrounding the main actors that caused terrible background information (Final fight with Bane, with really bad fight imitation in the background). But the one thing I love that Christopher Nolan does so well with these movies is he leaves you wanting more at the end. http://www.reddit.com/r/movies/comments/2dgeol/unused_shot_from_the_dark_knight_depicting_laus/

Unused shot from THE DARK KNIGHT depicting Lau's off-screen death on the pile of moneyUnused shot from THE DARK KNIGHT depicting Lau's off-screen death on the pile of money

They even referred their friends to me for advice. Then we have the 30%. The people who made me hate my day. They want to put a goldfish in a tiiiny bowl, so I inform them that a betta is a much better choice, but they still need more space, and a heater, etc. http://www.reddit.com/r/movies/comments/2dgk3z/seaworld_finally_admits_blackfish_film_has_really/

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